Geggy Gamal, S.Des, M.Ds


Hi.. my name is Geggy Gamal. you can call me Gamal. I love so much about design. I have a vision to build a better future based on a design method.

My background skills is as Industrial designer and Transportation designer. My specialist works is as 3D Designer, 3D Modeler and 3D Visualizer. I can build the realistic 3D result of Architecture, Interior design, Industrial design and Transportation design.

If you need my help for design projects, make the 3D design with realistic render (real photometric), and make the 3D for animation presentation.. contact me at +62 817 8484 32 (XL Provider) or eMail me at the list.

Also... I opened for the private courses of 3D design who wants to learn the 3D software (Autodesk AliasStudio), you can see in my 3D courses website at :

do not hesitate to contact me ;)